I am buying Flat Screen TV. SONY OR SAMSUNG? (n/t)




i guess no one’s come around yet who can contribute… i’ve heard sony’s are good but really don’t know


Yes they are. “Set it and forget it”. :slight_smile: But I found Samsung lately to be more classy, better picture quality and actual existance of customer service. Also, SONY pannels are made by Samsung anyway. Unfortunately they are both made in Mexico, which is a big minus. What’s also good about SONY is that it has a Memory Stick slot, I think.


Well, I guess i have to ask, size, resolution, plasma, lcd, dlp? Samsung has a sllek look, but so does sony. Sometimes sony products can get you, but they also make pretty solid products, in the end, just go with which ever one you like most…
or if on a budget vizio makes some pretty good ones, but i read somewhere that flatscreens are at there lowest price ever right now and probably go up in price(pending a change in technology of course)


Neither. Get a Sharp Aquos


lol. Both are 40 inch. 1080p Samsung has black 15000:1 and sony only 5000:1 LCD Here are the models:

Sony KDL-40V2500 - 40" LCD TV

Samsung LN-T4066F - 40" LCD TV

Samsung LN-T4065F


I have a new 32 inch 720p Samausng (the new ones have a little black light on the bottom of the sdcreen instead of the previous generation’s power button. It is an awesome screen with 3 hdmis. In the house we also have some sharps, a toshiba and a sony and I’d say the sharps are the best but since you are going sony or samsung, your best price will be on a samsung and the quality is comparable.


Isn’t that like saying, “I’m going to buy a car. Ford or GM?”




I Just purchased a JVC LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silcon) TV… 60"… Works great and I love. Could not ask for a better system. Great Resolution.


I bought one of the last InFocus 60" DLP HDTVs that woot was selling . . . great TV; the only thing holding it back is my basic analog cable (wife won’t spring for digital - little does she realize we ALL have to go digital next year!)