I am cubbiemi's total lack of trust in Woot.

My disappointment, let me share it with you.

Issue the first - somehow the contents of the order are doubled on my stuff you bought page making it annoying to try to go through.

Issue the second - One of the bathroom signs I ordered “arrived”. Pity what I got was nothing like what was shown in the ad. (If only this was the first time that had happened).

Issue the third - 2 of the 3 paper punches I ordered aren’t what was advertised. I bought hearts, getting circles - not even close. (My shocked face).

Issue the fourth - One of the items is still preparing to ship and now I am wondering if its going to end up like those micro sd cards that sat preparing until the last possible day only to be refunded because (shocked pikachu face) you didn’t have the items you were advertising.

Don’t you dare post the canned contact CS response, I know how to contact CS - I’ve done it enough.
I just figured I would wait until the whole order got here so I wouldn’t have to prepare multiple RMA’s.

What is going on?
I mean its online sales, there is an expectation there will be the occasional issue but when its up to nearly every other order I make having an issue, its really making me second guess if Woot is worth it.
Oh and that whole selling me things you don’t actually have, really seems like a bad way to do business.
Something something large logistic company with no idea what they have in stock & no ability to see if what they toss in the bag is the right thing.

I would be shocked to learn I am the only one this is happening to, because malfeasance is a thing & I am loud when annoyed so payback sure… but there are other people who are getting shafted the exact same way who just aren’t speaking up as much as I do.

Either I am the unluckiest person to shop on Woot, or your system is very broken.
Maybe its both, but the only thing I can control is no longer using Woot until things change, if they do.

My CS missive of the day…

It is amazing how every other order I place with Woot ends up screwed up.

Wrong sign sent.
Both heart shaped paper punches arrived as circle cutters.
And the 3x5 boxes haven’t moved, which is a sign you didn’t actually have them to send in the first place.

Don’t bother offering me anything other than an RMA and a refund for these items.
Even if you have the items you advertise, it is pretty clear you can’t even manage to ship the right things.

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Cool, I want to RMA the items to get my refund but CS thinks I might be a scammer so I need to send them pictures of the items they sent me that aren’t what was advertised.

CS to Me.
Hello there,

We’re very sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, we are unable to create replacements at this time.

If you could please provide us with photos of the damage/wrong item and once we have that we can go over further resolutions with you.

Once again, we are very sorry for the inconvenience on this and look forward to hearing back from you soon.

We’d appreciate your feedback. Please use the links below to tell us about your experience today.

Me to CS.
Not pictured the 3x5 storage boxes you never sent, because you sell things you do not actually have to send.

This is not the picture I ordered.

These are not the paper punches I ordered.

Making me take photos to prove you screwed up yet another order… PRICELESS…

So now that we’ve covered bait and switch, you know you claim to sell me 1 thing and then send something different, usually of inferior value or selling me an item you never actually had like the 3x5 storage boxes.

Can I have my RMA and refund now?

" Unfortunately, we are unable to create replacements at this time."

We never had the items we advertised, and just figured you’d accept whatever random things we sent you.

I’ve spent a dollar or 2 with Woot over the years, but yeah I TOTALLY was going to scam y’all by returning the wrong items you shipped me for a refund because you can’t manage your inventory.

@ThunderThighs TT can I please get a CSR with a clue?
Also can you tell me which executive I need to slap the hell out of to get them to understand that screwing customers isn’t a good business model?
They might want to ignore me because I can no longer be polite in the face of complete disregard for customers, but they keep peeing on my leg telling me its raining (Thanks Judge Judy) and I’m tired of it.

I’ve already removed the items from my basket that would have been my next order & not doing business with Woot is looking like a really good option.
I might get what I ordered, I might another random thing, I might get nothing because the item never actually existed.

Woot the 33.3% chance retailer, may fortune be in your favor.

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Hi there. I was out on Friday so just now getting to this. I see that CS took care of you early this morning.

Sorry for the issue with that order. I’ve sent a note to our buyer that works with that vendor so they can do some follow up.

We often ask for photos because there’s really no way to verify issues otherwise. In some cases, we may be able to come to a better resolution than to return the item.

Again, apologies for the numerous errors on this order.

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TT you know I love you, in that totally platonic & not creepy at all way, because you do your best to try and make up for the idiots upstairs.

I was frustrated (thats a good word) to be asked for pictures for items I said were wrong and wanted to RMA. The odds of me having a random 1.5 & 2 inch circle punches & an unfunny bathroom sign are really low. Also the never ending we checked we don’t have anymore… especially in the face of me mocking that line.

But now, I’m going to lose my mind even more.

I just got the shipment notice from the 3x5 card boxes.

14 days after I ordered them they finally ship.

A few days after the order was refunded b/c the items had never moved and no one had any idea if they even existed (like those microsd cards).

Its listed as 4 of 2, I’m going to guess thats because they are single pack items sold as a 2 pack.
But to be honest at this point it could turn up as 4 doubles or a frying pan or 14 cases of leakfrogs and not shock me.

I guess I get to find out around the 21st when whatever someone put in a random box addressed to me might arrive. I still really really want to slap an exec in the face.

And the listing for that particular order is still showing items doubled/tripled.

I am tired of being an example in the CSR handbook showing all the possible ways an order can go sideways.

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