i am doctor

Who is Groot?

Dr. Coot!!! – or you can spell cute the traditionally way, doesn’t matter I’ve been booted into a rhyming slang chronic hysteresis and am useless for conversation ; )

Great Design, SG! I love this series, particularly the “Bad Raccoon” episode.

A character from Guardians of the Galaxy. It used to be an obscure comic, but made famous by the recently released movie.

That said, Groot was my favorite character. But I think he’s just about everyone’s favorite, lol.

Thanks, quite familiar with Groot. Was making a joke mashing up “I am Groot” with Doctor Who.

No, Groot is Who.

What? No War Doctor?

I was coming to be cranky about that, and then I checked the close-up. Take a look at the goblet Eight!Groot is holding…it’s the draught the Sisterhood gave him in “Night of the Doctor” to trigger the regeneration.

Is anyone else here from Earth?

Everybody dance like Groot!


Yep, the steam coming out of it looks like the War Doctor. I wouldn’t forget Captain Grumpy.

(See a BIG version of the regenerations!)

Thanks for printing this, Woot team.

Great shirt, Spiritgreen. Grats!

Third base!

I am groot…we are groot

Excellent eye for the details. Love it

Really confusing shirt? Nope, just another Doctor Who reference I don’t get. Whew!

The whole “draw one random character cosplaying as another random character” thing ceased being novel ages ago. It’s at least moderately clever if there’s some point of commonality between the two characters, or at least some kind of inherent pun with the mash-up, but other than that, there’s way too many of these in the daily t-shirt industry to make an impact anymore.

I would agree with that, although here the connective theme is regeneration. I don’t mash without a darn good reason. ;p

Really solid job capturing the feel of each of the different doctors. Love how smug the 9th doc is right before the manic joy of the 10th- heh