I am so frustrated...

I ordered a dollhouse last Friday for a present and it hasn’t even shipped yet. When I ordered a shirt it said pay extra for 1 day shipping or you won’t get it by Christmas, but didn’t say it when I bought the dollhouse. Well, almost a week out, the dollhouse hasn’t shipped, and the shipping time is 3-8 business days. I likely won’t receive it in time for my girls for Christmas. That is just ridiculous!!

Was it the below dollhouse? I’m in the same boat. It’s been 6 days since I ordered and it still has a status of shipping now.

Teamson Fancy Mansion Wooden Dollhouse with Furniture

I think it’s shipping directly from the manufacture. I figured there would be a chance it wouldn’t make it by xmas, but I also assumed it would only be late by a day two. Now I’m thinking it’s going to be a couple of weeks late.

It would be nice to at least get an update or know where it’s coming from. Instead of just billing you and then zero communication.

Yep. I am so upset. I was ordering it for my girls for a relative and she is going to look like a butt when she has nothing to give them, and guess what, it will come back on me.

Why couldn’t they have given a warning, like they did when I ordered the shirt?? I could have paid $20 more, but no shipping and got it from amazon in 2 fracking days?!

Mine is for my daughter, I’ve ordered a few times from Woot before and things have always arrived within 6 or 7 days of ordering so I wasn’t that worried.

I’m planning on getting her a card and saying it’s from Santa explaining that her present will be a few days late because the elves were slacking.

Still disappointing, but I guess I shouldn’t have waited so long to order as well.

I think a little more communication from Woot would be nice. I mean this isn’t their first xmas in business so I’m a little disappointed they aren’t equipped to handle the CS rush a little better.

When I ordered on Saturday there was a warning saying it was too late for Xmas, but again I thought it would just be a day or two late.

I emailed and I just tweeted them. If I don’t get it in time I have 3 people who will be disappointed, on top of myself and will have learned to stick with amazon.

I didn’t get one one on Friday for the dollhouse, but did for the shirt, then paid extra for one day shipping for the shirt and still haven’t received it, but at least it has shipped, unlike the dollhouse.

Good luck, I doubt you’ll hear from them via e-mail. I read a post from someone at Woot that said they are over a week behind on e-mails so Twitter might be your best bet.

I ordered it for her, for them, because she just had surgery to remover her colon cancer and wasn’t up to shopping. She really didn’t want to give them cash and them not have anything to open from her. =(

Did you ever get an update on your order?

I did, they are going to make it right and send it from another company so she has something to give them for Christmas. I am very pleased and will definitely give woot another shot. I received the shirt I ordered today and they refunded me the $5 I paid for one day shipping. I was so worried because of all the complaints I have seen, but they really did step up and do the right thing. Thank you so much woot!!

I got it today and just put it together for her. It is great and thank you, thank you, thank you for making sure we got it in time! I am so grateful!

I’m so glad. I helped by silently sobbing until they promised to get it to you in time.

<3 agingdragqueen you are definitely on my BFF list, lol. I cried when I got the email that told me that they were going to do what they did.

I had a good friend last year pass away from metastasized colon cancer. There’s nothing I wouldn’t have done for her kids (well, and still!). My biggest and best thoughts to you and your family.

Thank you, I hope they always remember their mom’s love for them. This year my husband’s aunt and my mom both fought cancer and won! Within two months they were both diagnosed, his aunt with colon and my mom with neuroendocrine in her lung. They had their surgeries a couple weeks apart but were both deemed cancer free after, thank goodness. It has been one emotional year and you guys just helped make it better =)