I am Taller Than Most Things


*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Once you get your shirt, why don’t you post a pic?

Not my type of shirt…

cute, but would look silly on me as i’m a bit lacking in the height department.

and before the comments start, i’m plenty long enough. :wink:

derby chimp… was that always there?

Congrats on the print, epicodell. Will be interested to see how well this one does compared to the derby winner, considering how terrible it fared. I think this design works better as a pixellated image than riff’s, so maybe you’ll get more sales. I still think that if kls’ design makes it to third, it will do much better in terms of purchases.

Please no more pixellated shirts…ever.

Kind of cool. I like the retro design.


Champ, chimp, chump. Yup, always been that way. :slight_smile:

These are the derby winners. The derby theme was pixel grid.

I’m (apparently) the tallest female wooter and have a giraffe appreciation that borders on obsession. This shirt was made for me.

I am shocked it stayed in the fog that whole time though.

I’m 6’6", so I’m pretty much required to get this one. :stuck_out_tongue:

In for one.

damnit! second time recently there’s been an olive shirt with a design i don’t particularly care for. keep the olive coming!

There’s Only One Way You Will See Me Wearing This Shirt. Only If 3 Naked Women Got Me Drunk and Took Advantage Of Me…

My wife has the same giraffe obsession, thus my first shirt.woot!!!

I got one.
I like green as and i love giraffes, so this is pretty much a no-brainer.

What size is the shirt comp supposed to represent? Medium, right?

3X – M: 5.25” x 19.5”

So it’s actually not using the full height of 20", and yet this official comp looks way outside the printing boundaries.

Yep, this theme wasn’t well thought out. I can’t see a whole lot of people buying into these designs. It looks like stock is developing for random shirt days.

if it actually says i am taller than most things i would have bought it

I just went to the zoo like a week ago. That may have influenced my decision to get one. Still a cool shirt though.