I Am The Internet



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This shirt speaks to me, because I feel like I am the Internet.


Pretty bland imo ;


its pretty cool, but bad colors


lmao all over this one. freaking sweet!


hmm…yeah i dont get it…


I am the internet… and this shirt clearly comes from the general location of /b/ and ytmnd.




The internet crashed, didn’t you know?

Not fond of the asphalt (never am) but it totally works for the “Information Asphalt” joke.

The grammar for this shirt is incorrect. It should read:

“I ARE the Internets”

or alternatively,

“I is the internetz”.

1337 is also a viable dialect for the statement.


There’s something terrible about this shirt that makes me think it’s really awesome.

I probably won’t get it, but I really like it


awesome colors


so if i really am the internet should i buy this shirt?


Ha funny. I think we all know someone who really thinks this. Even though we have yet another asphalt shirt, I think the colors used complement the shirt color. Tempting, very tempting…


My wife wants to know where she’s supposed to stick the credit card?


I don’t know. I think you would be recognizable enough from the series of tubes.


After some really neat Derby shirts over the last several weeks, this is… It’s just… It looks like something you would make yourself with one of those t-shirt making programs and iron on transfers and only spend 45 seconds on. This is just an insult to both the Derby artists and the week day artists who do shirt designs and put in a lot of time, creativity, energy, and thought into their designs. Did Woot say they were going to start doing some of the Derby runner-ups on Monday? When was that supposed to happen?


I was under the impression that there wasn’t going to be any more asphalt shirts. I like um so I am happy to see this one. Not something I would wear, but I am betting this one will sell out.


if this shirt said I ARE TEH INTERWEBS i would get it. srlsy, i would be ALL UP ON that shirt. wow. im a loser.



just give it to the cashier…duh