I Am The Night

Oh dang! Thanks voters and woot peeps! Wasn’t expecting that. dogboytq I owe you a free shirt for knowing Latin, so PM meeeeeeee.


Superb designing! Congrats on your win! :slight_smile:

Does anyone know what the second word at the bottom of the graphic t says?

It says “Sum Nox”. Which is “I Am The Night”. The Latin was thankfully made less clunky with dogboytq’s help !

I see a cat, a joker-type mask and a penguin. I get those. But what’s up with the bird at upper left… and while I was typing this, I figured it out. It’s a Robin! Duh. Good job!

I thought it was ego sum nox but my latin might be rusty after all of this time.

Oh man, part of me wants to get this as a tattoo. Amazing design, man!