I am tired of the Paulson/Bernanke coup

Trickle-down Communism is what it is.

I’m tired of the Pelosi/Reid coup

i’m tired of the DHL/smartpost coup…

UPS dude wears these cute little brown shorts!

I’m tired of the Regis/Kelly coup.

Too much perkiness in the mornings is what it is.

I’m tired of this coup/coup coup?

I’m tired of counting coup. so messy.

I am tired of croupy cough. So messy.

Mr Kneny, no1 wants to use the pucker in a design. He’s been trying to find you for a couple of days now. let him know if its OK?

meh, almost outta time for this derby anyway. probably won’t make it in. its just fun to aimlessly flail about in a thread.

second that.
Pelosi sux