i am who woot


i am who woot

woot begets woot

woot not, for rather would woot, instead woot

one small woot for woot, one giant woot for woot

in the days before day, there was woot.
and under the woot were the woot.


Well…you certainly gave that plenty of thought.


I woot, therefore I am?


It is not like you have been gabbing it up!
Still one post in 2 1/2 years!
I am woot and woot is me and we are woot together.




See how they run like woots from a buy, see how they run…I’m buying


Best logic Ever




again the question, to woot or not to woot?


A woot by any other name would still smell as crappy.


How many woots would a woot shopper charge if a woot shopper could charge woots?


To woot, perchance to woot, aye, there’s the woot.