I Am Your Father

hold on a second. woot! taught me something. I learned about the wilhelm scream. thanks woot

The fastest shirt.woot purchase I’ve ever made. Brilliant design.

You’ll wish you didn’t know about it. It’ll take you out of every action movie you ever see now.

Born in the early 70s, and named “Luke”, I don 't think that I can NOT buy one.
You win, woot.

Oh, I screamed. But not about the colors, those I like.

The Wilhelm Scream ain’t got nothing on castle thunder:

Holy light sabers! This is awesome.

That Wilhelm scream is the only recycled overused scream…

Clever. And Vader looks legitimately creepy.

Altogether superior youtube link:


True. When I was first made aware of its presence, I thought it was cool when I noticed it. Now it takes me out of my movie for a minute. Kinda like the Stan Lee of sound effects.


Really thought it was C-3P0 from the thumbnail…too prissy to be Luke.

This is one of those parodies that is a perfect fit. The bridge even looks like the platform where they fought and you have the Falcon coming in to catch Luke… greatness!

That was awesome, thanks.

Hey, guys, how about a spoiler alert?

Wow, looks great. And my husband is a film buff and we have a son named Luke. I think I have no option but to buy this for him.

I’ve been listening for that scream in every action movie / video game I watch/play lately and I’m almost never disappointed. Didn’t realize it was this famous, I was almost ready to start making a compilation video myself.

Very good & creative video. I never heard of the Wilhelm Scream until today. I have been enlightened!

Is the zippered hoodie a “lightweight” or real sweatshirt?