I beat Ken at 2:30 am and the deal was already gone

I mean, what does it take? I scored at 8, first try, he had a 7, less than 3 hours into the day.

Wow, you’re really bad at that game.

Also, they have discontinued “prizes” for the time being.

Come join us and the 2,600 posts about it and complain so we can all go aw…

Seriously, it’s a fun little thread. Have you signed up for pointless pushes yet?

Somehow you seem to think you posted the kind of comment that would make me interested in what else you have to say, when what you actually did was make me investigate what my options were for blocking you forever. Thanks for slipping the answer to my question in between all of your snark, I guess.

aw…glad I could help man. what were you wanting?

Yeah, they’re all sold out for now. Since Amazon would probably deprioritize most the stuff we’d sell and ship it pretty late, we opted to just show weird stuff. Smellovision glasses are not real.


Not yet. One can still hold out hope for a brighter… er, smellier… future, though.


Yeah, WonkaVison rendered them unnecessary