I call Shenanigans

WTH Woot. I finally get a BOC and get to check out and your system has a stroke. It logged me out, then required the OTP, then wouldn’t recognize the two you sent me. Then it logged me out again. Naturally when it goes to process the payment it is long gone. I am really struggling being a woot supporter. I have been with you since the beginning. Anymore everything is over priced, comes damaged, site glitches, pick an issue. This Amazon Prime special was a joke. More over priced “specials” and a giveaway for…yes, Amazon Prime, only if you AREN’T a Prime customer. Way to keep your loyal followers.

BOCs are stressful. Sorry for the frustration but that’s kinda how they are. You’re more likely to not get one than you are nab one.

And yes, we’ve had some issues lately. We’re doing some needed/required behind-the-scenes updates and there’s been a few pain points.

PS: We have giveaways every week for all customers. Just the one was for new Amazon Prime customers.

That’s a 'feature" not a bug.


Seriously though it can be challenging, but we’re here for you. BTW I felt you do now at some point, until I started treating the BOC’s like a really big game, with the trophy being… well… :poop: Which, in retrospect, makes me question my life’s goals here. But, not winning is just as much of a badge of honor playing this game, too, with far more company than winning one.

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Yea I was so happy to have gotten a DJI drone mavic Mini then it was taken away… I know the pain my dreams where Crushed too sorry for your dreams being crushed too @senorgrub

Hang onto that pain, replay it over and over like the football replays. Do it in slow-motion, then forward and backwards…dwell on it…let it consume you.

That’s the healthy thing to do.


I recently managed to score a screaming Woot Monkey and was so excited for it to arrive. When it arrived, I pulled it once, the arm popped off and I was disappointed…

Needless to say, Woot has given me more disappointment than I thought possible. I too recently lost a BOC. I feel your pain @senorgrub #shameon @ThunderThighs

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Did you contact Woot CS about the armless monkey?

@ThunderThighs I haven’t but suppose I will.

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@ThunderThighs, support request submitted!

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@therealjrn, all I can do is laugh at that :crazy_face:

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It is hard to get one for sure but the day isn’t over…fingers and toes crossed you get one and share the disappointment! It usually takes me all day if I even score one. Don’t give up!

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I don’t think I’m eligible for another week, you can have the one I wouldn’t have won.

SOB they did it to me again. I had it in my cart, click payment, and BAM socks. Socks?!? WTH how did my cart change items? This is a game. The problem is the other player is cheating…

Who’s cheating?

Woot, with their glitchy website. It doesn’t seem Amazon has updated it since they bought Woot.


Don’t go blaming their glitches on Amazon. Woot doesn’t even have a CTO for heaven’s sake!

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