I Can Has Dreidel?




Here’s the link to buy this one: http://shirt.woot.com/Friends.aspx?k=4323


Does not fit religion.

Please, more lolcats though.


lol, that’s really funny

but i wouldn’t wear it


annnnnnnnnnnnd there’s the first cat shirt… was wondering when they would have one since everyone decides to post these pics during a woot off, ALL DAY LONG…



NOO!!! I never thought that Woot! would go as low as the LOLCATS.


Really? Of all the LOLcats a shirt could have on it…this is the one?


Would someone care to explain what this means? Maybe I’m just tired … but I haven’t a clue.


Would be funnier if I were Jewish, I guess.


Isn’t there already a place in woot where you can order old teachers
something with “friends” in the URL


If I were Jewish, I’d be in for one.


if i celebrated hanukah, i’d be on this, but not in the way where i think this is funny, but because ironically i have a jewish friend who effing hates the the whole lolcat meme


Bad graphic. Poor PS cut.



Too bad the shirts won’t arrive until Valentine’s Day.


The religeous overtones aside, I’m not Jewish, so someone who is could you answer this: how early from the holiday is this? Considering shirt.woot’s record, it’s tomorrow.


Wow, possibly the lamest Woot I could’ve stayed up for. I guess I should’ve been doing homework, maybe a few more hours and LOLCats will actually be funny…


I’m TOTALLY buying this tomorrow morning. Lolcats + Hanukkah = epic win.



us jews need some woot! lovin too!

Happy Hannakah!


They don’t make it easy to find. Just trying to make it easier.


“i can has cheezburger?” would’ve been perfect

Golden opportunity missed, woot