I can haz chestburster?

Help us, Sigourney Weaver!

Made me laugh, but I wouldn’t really want to wear that.

o hai

As seen here:

I’m noticing the “I can haz brains” scrawled next to the innards.

Chest bursters weren’t after brains, and I honestly doubt Chest cat bursters would be either…

nom of the dead.

I’m in ur shurtz, bein ugleey

I have never boughten anything so fast in my entire life. LOL.

There are definitely not enough ribs on this shirt. I would not want people to be confused and think I have lost some of my ribs. Oh yeah, they’d also be confused about the cat climbing out of my chest.

Instead of lolcats, from now on they’ll be known as omgcats.

the green looks like the letters “CHAI” which means “LIFE” in Hebrew, or is a kind of drink.

Thank goodness I had my appendix removed, wouldn’t want that to be eaten too…

“I told Dennis he needed to go get checked out. That… thing, was just way too ‘friendly’ with him. ‘You should be careful, it could have something awful’ I told him. Did he listen to me? NO, of course not, I’m only a xenobiologist what do I know about strange species? Poor guy. At least it was quick, even if it was excruciatingly painful such that the 3.4 seconds it took him to die felt like weeks on end of agony. This ones for you Dennis.”

Oh, this one has my username on it! It’s like cat themed shirts are taunting me.

That’s why I stopped swallowing live kittens. The indigestion is a killer.

Heyyyy, how did that cat get in there?

I only ask because I have a cat and would like to take preventative measures…

I, for one, welcome our new kitty overlords.

Oh, wait, wrong website. Sorry.

this reminds me of Laser Cats 5



oh man, i love lolcats but this shirt makes me sick. great design though, i think it’s the green guts hanging out that’s making me queasy. ohai kitty!