My other and better in every way half has authorized me to find a beach for a week. I’m soliciting opinions about places to stay and best beaches to stay at along the East coast from as far north as Delaware and as far South as South Carolina.

So you are willing to drive…minutes???

Hope you find something good! You are due for a real vacation!
You better post.

can your better half pee standing up? 'cause i think that’s something i do better than my mostly better in every other way half.

OCRACOKE ISLAND. It’s a hike, but supposedly nice. I don’t think there’s any INternet there, though…

NATURAL BRIDGE, VA. THere’s lots of middle-level fun there: a zoo, a wax museum, caverns, and FOAMHENGE, a full-scale replica of Stonehenge made entirely of STYROFOAM!!

I highly recommend Topsail Island, NC . . .

We’ve held three or four family reunions there and the beaches are wonderful.

Ocracoke Island reminds me of the Steve Martin bit about Okra Cola. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a copy to post.

She is better at refusing pissing contests than I am, so I have no idea.

That looks pretty good, actually. I wonder if I can find a rental?

Now could you go camping on the shore? If so, you could go to Assateague Island - me and the GF went camping there, and its not too painful of a drive from Gburg.

I also went to Bethany Beach in Delaware a couple months ago. I like that because it’s sort of small and it’s not nearly as hectic as OC. It’s just as far from Gburg as OC, too.

I would suggest Tampa/ St. Pete beach, but I guess you won’t drive that far.

I’m useless. I don’t know much about states that aren’t shaped like squares.

Joe, you know where the best beaches are. So what if the locals swim in their jeans?

How about ones where the locals swim in the nude?

It’s just too damned far. Otherwise we’d be in Destin, maybe closer to Pensacola or Gulf Shores, hangin’ out at the Florabama.

Camping is out.
Yeah, a definite possibility. We stayed just south of there 2 summers ago. Fenwick Island.

When are you thinking about going? Topsail has lots of rentals, but this late in the season could prove problematic . . .

Ugh…we’re talkin’ about South Alabama here, Fen. Have mercy.

I love anywhere on the NC outer banks. North Myrtle Beach is great. I’m not too fond of farther south. I think the tourist traffic is really down this year. You should be able to get a condo or house at a discount. If you are interested in SC beaches try condolux.net. They have slews of rentals. I would offer our condo but it is only 1 bedroom.

thanks joyner.