i can


balance $10 of quarters on my elbow and catch it in my hand in one swipe

what is your talent?


Not sure if I want to reveal this…


i can remember really stupid trivial facts and info…
and forget all the important stuff


Did I see you on Letterman?

I can push a supermarket shopping cart across the parking lot and it lands exactly where I wanted it too.

I’m still trying to find a use for that skill.
Other than working for the supermarket.


I hope it belonged to the school. Those things can be expensive.


$600, and it’s mine, but I’m plenty careful. The only thing necessary is to know where the balance point is, because bows are supposed to have a very distinct balance point, and it’s supposed to be a third up the stick, or two thirds away from the tip.


Holy crap, $600 I thought you were mainly a band guy. I know when we bought my daughters viola the bow was separate.
Are you going to be a music teacher?
How do you learn how to play every instrument? I like bass, classical, jazz to rock you don’t have to learn to read different music.


Okay, I used to be a band guy, but I like bass a lot more. I found myself not practicing clarinet barely at all, and practicing bass pretty much all the time, so I figured I’d just drop clarinet alltogether (I’m still planning at some point in the future to start playing again) and pick up classical bass, which would help my technique and intonation for jazz bass (which is my main thing). So, I only know how to play bass right now, but I could work clarinet back up without too much problem. However, that’s it. I can’t even sing. So, no, I’m not going to be a music teacher, just a musician (yes, going to be, I don’t really know if I am one yet).

Though, I do know two people who can play a whole bunch of instruments. One of my friends from high school can do piano, trumpet, sax, bass and drums. I know he plays piano and trumpet really well, too. This one girl I know (there’s an uninteresting, but rather frustrating and recent story with her) plays oboe, sax, piano, guitar and sings (and that’s all I remember).

But I’m highjacking all sorts of topics these days.

I can…not play a whole bunch of instruments.


I can whistle “Thus Spake Zarathustra” through my nose.



i can sing the alphabet backwards


I can eat Kraft macaroni and cheese without chewing it.


I can build a miniature ski resort, complete with lifts, for Friedrich on your nose.


Ok. Do it, then!



Ok. I will then!

suuuper miniature!


I can play music by farting with my hands (a manualist).

And here they come…


Louder, dang it!


Dammit. You mean I’m playing “Flight of the Bumblebee” for no one?


Gimme ten seconds of the minute waltz!


Arrrrgh! My hands are burning!!


Play chopsticks . . .