I Claim This Land for France!

I wish we had listened to France back in 2003. We’d be about a trillion dollars better off and 8,000 mothers and fathers wouldn’t be grieving every night over their lost sons and daughters…

Ah huh huh, oui oui! In for three!

Congratulations GF. I don’t even remember seeing this in the derby. (When did it first make an appearance?)

Congrats to all the editor’s picks!

I’d buy it if it had a turtle and a rabbit on it, but c’est la vie.

You have no idea how grateful I am that you said that.

Oh, grats to the artist. Not my style so I’ll be saving my money.

You making fun of the Welsh? No grape juice for you.

The Greed derby… that and other need to know stuff…
Double-take recap
Congrats on the print, geekfactor!

If Woot had children’s sizes, maybe. Couldn’t wear this as an adult, too cute-ish. Just an opinion. Are there rumors that this is the last editor’s choice for now? Can’t say I’m sorry to see it end, though there have been a few good ones.

Congrats GF… I’d buy the shirt, but I’ve got over 20 shirts in the last 2 months…

Cute! Congrats

looks to me like they tried to print one from every designer that has “groupies” to limit the complaining, and a couple they wanted for themselves.
the only person i see that didnt get printed was fable, and i dont recall anyone really rallying for any of hers this time.
i think the week of choices was to appease everyone a little, not everyone every day, so be happy if you got one you loved and greatful if you saw more.


this is my first shirt. super excited. good job.

shit, i forgot he got passed over too
ok travis and fable… i stand corrected

Do you feel like a big man for citing your GRE score on a t-shirt forum? Wow, you’re amazing.

:nod to travis:

that being said… I think I have to agree with you, Pep. It seems like they hit highlights of the majority of the artists.

Can someone explain this shirt to me? My French history isn’t exactly the best…

no thanks… too many woot t’s

nope nothing to do with French history… merely a play on greed.

[shrugs] another “cutesy” shirt, and another example of why “editor’s choice” and “omega’s choice” will apparently never be one and the same. :stuck_out_tongue: Congrats to the artist, but again, this just isn’t for me.