I DID Have Other Plans This Decade

If your games of Monopoly take a long time, you’re probably playing it wrong.

Death and Luxury taxes? Nice greenish glow.

Congrats, Rasabi!

The original Monopoly had a wealth-sharing version of the rules too, for the enlightened.

Uncle Pennybags showing some major moxie taking on the Grim Reaper.

Refresh my memory, is there still free shipping on shirt.woot?

Shirt.woot now does the cart thing. So there’s $5 shipping but you can load up your cart just like you can on the other sites. In fact, you can mix things in from the other sites.

There’s my girl. Thanks TT! Since I’ve been housebound lately :::sigh::: having to maneuver amongst all the C R A P well…harrumph. I do enjoy a spirited game of Mono Poly…awe hell , I’ve been dancing with death all along.



Yeah well, there’s that. Here’s a YT with 306 views. Don’t laff. Listen to the synth and learn:


Rock and/or Roll has a long history of flirting with death. My baby TT I’m sure has seen the Motor-City Madman in person…he used to make the rounds here in the Oklahoma Territories and down in Texas quite regularly…

Here it is without any editorial comment:


can’t i laff and learn at the same time?

I’m pretty certain that ought to be “Neti pot.”

why of course you can…you may laff at will.

I feel that way about Risk :joy::joy:

Er, everyone here is familiar with the Ingmar Bergman film “The Seventh Seal”, right? If not, look it up; it’s important for fully understanding this shirt.


Yup! This is mostly what I was going for, though I knew it has since become a trope across many other media.

@Apelad - Thanks, man! A brutal narrow margin as has become the norm :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been dithering…since us ‘Mericans have become so beefy…would it be possible to get this shirt in a larger size? like 4X or a 5X? Just askin’ :slight_smile:

I thought it was from Bill and Ted