I Did It All For The Tanooki

Was going to buy this! but bummer no more AA option.

The specifications for the AA shirts are listed, yet I don’t see an option to buy it…

Please tell me it’s a mistake…

bring back AA! :frowning:

No more AA? wow woot, you really don’t like people buying your shirts huh?

I bet that thehookshot isn’t too happy. A good design not getting the AA treatment like others like week.

Yep, I would have been in for 1 but alas, no more AA. What a bummer.

I was all ready to buy this… and then severely disappointed that there was no option for AA! :frowning:

Great design. Brings back some fond memories.

Yup, I was in for 1 until I noticed there was no AA option. Those other shirts just fit horribly. The neck is huge and the material feels like crap.

I came back to this site because of the AA shirts. Now they are gone…so I guess I’ll disappear again.

Didn’t the green leaf only give you the Raccoon Tail?

But, then, I haven’t played any Mario games since the N64.

Very disappointed with the removal of the AA option.

To the Google Cave…now know more about Japanese raccoon dogs, Nintendo and non, than I did before.

I figured the AA option was going to disappear, since the Derby that started Friday had no shirt color restrictions. Oh well. At least there was one good shirt worth buying (for me) while the option was available.

just another item to add to my hello kitty collection… i’m running out of room!

Limp Bizkit title reference made me laugh. :smiley:

No AA?

Then you can take that cookie…

Dag Nabit! … no AA.
No sale.

oh c’mon. American Apparel shirts have really thin fabric and the CEO is a perv. Plus, they run hella small bc he only wants thin people wearing his clothes.

I really like the fit of the Anvil shirts, AA’s always shrink up in about two washings :stuck_out_tongue: Would have got this shirt, but brown doesn’t suit me. Nice design though!