I don't mean to be a traitor...


But Threadless.com is having another $10 shirt sale and I found a coupon that’ll get 3 bucks off the price (RUBBERDANPANTS). I’m unfortunately too poor to afford any more shirts (darn you, shirt woot) but maybe you guys can use it for some neat shirts.


I didn’t really see anything there I liked.


I thought a few of them were cute, if I had the money I’d probably get this or this …and I already bought this a few years back (it was a nice green color back then, not the ugly yellow).


You’re not a traitor. We all share love of cheap, cool shirts here.

Where did you find that coupon? Seems too good to be true.


I got this one for my high school son a few months back. He always get laughs when he wears it. Notice how low they put the image on the shirt.


I thought so too when I saw it on another board (I lurk at Kid Robot). I tried it though just to test it, and it did knock off 3 bucks. However, it only works once so if you want more than one shirt it’ll still only take off three dollars. And shipping is like 5 bucks so… =[


That one is really cute.


Kid robot is a phenomenal website, but they need to come down on those prices before i can grab me some of that goodness.

and thanks for the coupon code!


Yeah…Kid Robot is way too expensive for me, especially their clothing line. I just like to look at all of the pretties that people post on the boards. I caved in over the summer and bought a set called “Life Inventsville” that I absolutely adore, but it cost a pretty penny. No more vinyl for me!


That is a great shirt. Too bad they’ve already sold out of most of the smaller sizes…


Do you have this one?