I don't think I'm getting any emails from Woot.


I created my Woot account directly through my Amazon email/account and I’m having an issue.

I need to return an order I placed and I submitted the return request successfully over three days ago, telling me I’d get the label/instructions sent to my email but there’s nothing there. I already checked spam folders as well. As a test just now, I clicked reset my password hours ago to my registered email and I never got an email for that either, so I believe there’s some issue going on.

Upon checking further, I realized I never got ANY email from Woot at all which is strange. No account creation email, no order confirmation/tracking, etc… I contacted Woot CS through the help page but if emails from Woot aren’t being sent to my inbox, I’m worried that I won’t even see customer support’s response.

Hi there. I’m going to send you a private message so we can look into that email issue.

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