I finally saw the Dark Knight last night in IMAX.

So I had really wanted to see this movie since seeing the teaser last year. The reason I just saw it last night is because I was in mexico for the release, and when I got back I had to catch up on work, life, etc. I get wired magazine and there was a huge article on the movie about it being filmed with IMAX cameras. Apparently it’s a pain in the ass to film anything in IMAX. And when you put the film in regular theaters, even HD theaters, you lose quality and it gets cropped. So even though I have a Cinetopia real close to my house, I drove forty five minutes to the nearest IMAX theater to watch it. TOTALLY WORTH IT! I loved the movie. I really hope Ledger gets posthumous recognition for his awesome seemingly effortless Joker role.

The end.

For those of you that have never heard of Cinetopia, it’s like an upscale theater that shows movies in “super HD” and has live bands, 21 and older rooms, and you can have steak and beer brought to your seat. But no IMAX =(

Nobody here likes movies? Or stories about movies?

Maybe I should have made this thread more interactive…


It was a good movie, and the theater by my parents’ house has an IMAX… but I saw it on the regular screen because the IMAX was sold out (opening day). I wouldn’t mind going to see it again on IMAX, though.