i went into my room to get dressed and Fluboot was flying around! Im trying to feed him a burger but its not working.

Not enough mustard?

hm maybe idk haha. I got some sugar though. He likes to stay on the wall so i had to lick my finger then the sugar so that it would stick to the wall. tehe

Oh, yeah, your mom will really appreciate that.

Why isn’t this part of the pet fly thread???

Kilagria, please don’t start a new thread with every new thought!

And, don’t put sugar on you wall.
Leave a little in a cup or plate or even a bottle top. He will find it.

well theres only a little bit on the wall, sheesh

so is that why flys are so jittery? Because they eat sugar all day?

Did he find his sugar?


Hello Kilagria, you’re thread made me chuckle, thanks. :slight_smile:

haha np.

When do we get a picture?

need an autographed picture

are you talking about a picture of Fluboot or something else?

You think the fly can write?

idk ill ask him.

well im going to watch iron man downstairs, bbl. Have a great day everyone!!!

No, I think it is because they only live 24 hours.

I don’t think he would have access to a photo sharing site to upload one onto.

if my mom approves of the site then she gives me access to it