If she approved of woot, she obviously has never visited the forums.

upload it to the derby. even if it’s rejected we can still see the pic.

my mom found out about the fly a couple days ago cause she found the sugar. Im not so sure shes going to let me use her camera but ill try!

Your mom knows about us!

Well, is mr Fly still alive?

I believe the fly’s name is Fluboot.

I wonder where Kilagria and Fluboot went? Well Fluboot may not be around anymore.

No she killed him yesterday!


yeah and my little brother had great joy in telling me so…

That’s what little brothers are supposed to do.

Poof is getting mean.

well, gee, he could have uploaded to imageshack or photobucket, they are designed to let you quickly upload a single image, without easily looking at other peoples’ photos, like Flickr.

what was it a picture of?

flyswatter, i think.

Darn you poof!

Well i found a new pet bug, yippy!


Lady bugs are nice.

I had a worm in a shoe box of dirt in my closet as a kid.
Can’t say I would recomend a worm. Totally dull.
At least until mom found a shoe box of dirt in the house.

That made me laugh

I DID have this funny orange stripped thing, not sure what it was. It was really fast though so i put a cup over it and went to sleep. Make sure you put holes in your cup or else, i just learned that a couple days ago! Sigh… He was a cool bug too, he would lift its front legs up as if it were punching someone ha ha!