I Get So Lost Sometimes

Err. .I love this shirt, but why is the swamp thing doing the Lloyd Dobler thing?

Lagoona Beach Rock!

Is it so wrong that it makes me happy to see The Creature From The Black Lagoon here instead of Lloyd Dobler? And was there a kickboxing throwdown over ownership of the boombox?

I bet that stereo is playing “Under the Sea.”

Just Say Anything! People.

Say Anything cats cats cats! I’m so lost.

Props to the woot writers on “Version 6” in the write-up. This IS what’s playing. [youtube=X3aCTwXNTX8][/youtube]

Amazing write-up XD

I get the “Say Anything” reference. I get that either Swamp Thing or the Creature from the Black Lagoon is doing it. I just don’t get how the two go together.

Oh, LOVE! Love killed one beast, dropping him off the Empire State building, and made another wander around the lagoon, all googly eyed, playing love songs.

He was probably playing this:
(Love the writeup!)

Is that monster crying green?

For those that missed it, John Cusack made a guest appearance at Peter Gabriel’s concert at the Hollywood Bowl just over a year ago and recreated his ‘Say Anything’ moment during the intro of ‘In Your Eyes’. Video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEIty14mI_I

Sorry, I had to do it: http://www.youtubemultiplier.com/52564249c39e3-in-your-eyes-the-live-version.php

That really is funny!

(the shirt. and the cats.)

The Osmonds were terrifying. Lock-up-your-daughters terrifying. I wish Steve Lawrence and Edie Gourmet had done that song. Instead, all we have is the beauty of them singing “Black Hole Sun”.

Creature from the Brat Lagoon!

Always good to see some Universal Monster love at Halloween. ‘Gill Man’ is underappreciated, imo. :^)

I like the design in that it lampoons John Cusack AND i can wear it on Halloween.

The world will never know a greater love song:


Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the best mashup.

Holy Rockin’ Osmonds! Hard to beat the original version, but man those others are good.

And remember, Joe lies.