I got 75 bucks and a brand new Wii....what game should I get?


I NEED ADVICE FROM ANYBODY WHO OWNS A WII!!! Being monetarily challenged due to the fact that I overpaid for my Wii on Ebay b/c I’m too impatient to wait for it to come back to stores, I now only have a 75 dollar budget for a game. I know that woot <3’s Wii so I figured some of you may have good advice on whats a good game and what to avoid. Any takers?


Zelda: Twilight Princess


Second that.


Really, it depends on what type of games you prefer. If you like a particular genre, go for the best rated game in that genre. Overall, It’s hard to go wrong with Zelda Twilight princess, but in all honesty the games are still all launch titles. That means that pretty much everything falls into one of three categories:

a) Games that were originally intended for an older system that were quickly adapted to the new platform. These tend to have good gameplay but not-so-spectactualr visuals. Zelda:TP is a prime example of this category.

b) Games that started out as tech demos for the new system and got turned into full games. These tend to be more innovative with the new hardware, but lack any serious depth. Wii Sports fits here. At least it comes with the system and you don’t have to buy it. Rayman and other “mini-game” titles are also in this category.

  1. Games that were very quickly made for the system to make a quick profit while there isn’t any competition. These games generally suck. If it’s a movie tie-in or “annual” sports title, it probably falls into this category.

The bottom line is that for at least the first few months of any game console, it just isn’t worth purchasing any games unless you really just have to own one. The money would be best spent either invested in additional hardware (additional wiimote controllers and nunchucks), or in renting games.

That being said, I currently own Zelda, Rayman, and will be purchasing Super Swing Golf next week after I get another Gamefly discount coupon. I’m not dissapointed in any of the games, but I do think that in retrospect it is a bit hard to justify paying $50 for them brand new.

BTW, as far as renting goes, I’m a very happy gamefly customer. If you want to know more about gamefly, PM me and I can tell you all about the good and the bad, as well as give you a referral link (yes, I do get a small bonus for referrals, but I won’t post the link here so that I can’t be accused of spamming).


thanks for all the info! I was already thinking Zelda but wasn’t sure if there were any obscure less well known games out there that were just awesome. Eh…still on the fence. What about Rampage?


Gamespot is a good place to start. WarioWare has a high rating if that’s something you like. Rampage looks to be mediocre.


Haven’t played Rampage. From what I understand, it’s a port from the older systems with a few extra controls added. Might be fun if you’re a really big fan of the previous Rampage games, but doesn’t really bring much new to the table.

I think for under-rated games that can be a lot of fun, I would go with Elebits or Trauma Center.

Elebits is kinda like Katamari Damacy mashed together with a First Person Shooter. Worth paying at least $30-40 for, maybe the full $50 if that is the game style you like.

I played the DS verion of Trauma Center, and had a great time. It is kinda hard to describe. Maybe almost an action puzzler with story between levels? ANyway, the DS version was good, and the Wii version is supposed to be even better. Can be a little frustrating on the later levels though when the difficulty starts stepping up quickly.


My 17 yr old son likes Zelda and Red Steel and my 13 & 8 yr old sons like Rampage. They all like the Wii sports. We have the wi-fi dongle and the oldest has bought wii points to get some of the older consoles games downloaded to the Wii. They are all waiting for the Wii version of Mele to be released.


I just want to get my Wii age below 60… :frowning:


don’t buy a gamr… donate the money in memory of argh… see the charity thread


for solo fun: Twilight Princess
for solo/group fun: Wario Ware: Smooth Moves

since you’re pretty poor (like I am after the woot-off… well even MORE broke)

I recommend Twilight Princess, for sho. Keep you busy for a while… with awesomeness…

Plus you have Wii Sports, so thats always fun