I got a Ballantine Bunch of 60s Cartoons.


I purchased a case of Ballantine Pale Ale and when I got it open, it was loaded with a crazy amount of sediment. Like, disturbingly so. Close to half an inch and large chunks just floating all around. Totally gross.

I took it back to the store – even they were aghast at what was going on in those bottles.

Later, I dropped Ballantine (owned by Pabst now) a note explaining what had happened and was basically curious about what a “normal” amount of sediment is for their brew.

Unfortunately, I was in such a hurry to return it, I didn’t bother to take a picture, so they couldn’t say for sure what was going on. After some back and forth, they basically apologized for the experience. I thought that was it.

Then this showed up:

1x Letter of apology
1x Pint Glass
1x Flight Glass
1x Ballantine Pin
4x Stickers
8x Coasters

Sweet haul, and very appreciated. I may just give them another shot!

Nice! Cheers!

Well, that is just awesome customer service! Makes me want to drink some ale.