I Got a Rock Band

Sorry, but this shirt make me sad. No deal. :frowning:

I loved this shirt. Now I won’t be sad or have The Waa Waas.

So this price seems crazy because we’re trying this thing where we charge $5 shipping on Shirt.Woot orders. It seems like a bait-and-switch but we’re pretty sure it’s actually good. Read about it here

Peanuts fans everywhere rejoice. And maybe start dancing too.

Linky broken.

I was trying to figure out if I wanted anything else, but for me, this shirt will have to do it tonight.

So how come nobody is playing a muted trumpet?

Should be fixed.

Narly Brown

Smart it makes us look for more stuff to buy.

Here’s the reference :slight_smile:


Pigpen is definitely their roadie.

It’s actually a better deal, because the daily was normally $12, so if you are buying more than 1, you’re getting a great deal. Plus, it takes care of the shipping charge for anything else you want to buy. This is probably the best thing Woot has done, since…

…since ever.

We’ve done that one already.

The title and subject matter is actually a little closer to this:


And This:


Actually, more like a muted trombone…

I bet that’s some serious emo music.

Where’s the dancing Snoopy playing the tambourine and doing background “aahhhooo’s”??

yes… i was wondering where the snoop dog was… well, snoopy anyway. didn’t he play guitar also?