That’s such a tender story. Didn’t know the Woot writers had it in them.

And here I thought the robot was reaching for the balloon, who knew he was really letting go. Wait, how’d that balloon have the buoyancy to support that robot anyway?

Why is this shirt giving me DejaVu? I could swear this is a sequel shirt…

Awesome design.

It is.

Wonderful design, Patrick! Congratulations on the print. (And congratulations to the writers on a wonderful write-up; very poignant!)

Goddamnit. I really wanted to get that one… I totally missed it.

If you are a friend of the Music Monday @woot.com room on Turntable, you’ll know that that this robot has just gotten his 1,000th point after the little girl with the gummi – I mean, teddy bear – waved her hands in the air like she just didn’t care. In celebration, he has been awarded one spider with seven legs pulled off by Hamiltwan. Party was attended by acornheads, gummi bears, orange bears, bug-bears, cats, monkeys and gorillas, spacemen, and a full contingent of space monkeys.

Awww, I love robots! :smiley:

I just wore this shirts younger self today…

I own the other ones in some shape or another, how could I not get this one as well? It’s like owning part of the story.

I love this shirt so much, I ordered two: one to wear, and one to keep in my closet in case the one I wear gets worn out.

Oh lordy, if you want tender, have you read the rest of the saga.

And damn you, patrickspens! The prequel to this shirt is one of my favorites in my sizeable Woot collection, and I don’t think I’ll be able to resist this one. You delighful, talented monster. You’re going to bankrupt me too…

That looks like the start of an epic high five, once the girl gets 36 feet taller ; ). Great design, nice write up. And the robot sticks the landing.

Had to make this part of my robolicious collection.

Yay, got mine!

Admitted robot fangirl + patrickspens is my favorite.

Wow great design!

What happened to Monday t-shirt???

This shirt just serves to remind me how cut up I am about missing ‘Escape’ about this time last year. I hesitated on getting it for my girlfriend’s present last year and it got Reckoonned off, I’ve spent hours of the last year trying to find ‘Escape’ somewhere else.

now, should I get this shirt or wait a little while?

Instant buy!!! >:U

Another winning day for everyone in the Derby. Nice!

I love robots helping people. It’s such a tender Asimov moment! :slight_smile:

It’s amazing what willpower I have that prevents me from getting a shirt I desperately want, because I know that none of the sizes will fit me.

I, too, was sad to miss Escape last year.