I Hate People

I, too, hate people.
And I hate red shirts.

To complete the quote,I hate people not dipped in barbecue sauce

Hey, my entire life’s philosophy summed up in three little words.

Bravo. Well done. I want it framed.


Congrats! I knew this was going to take the top-spot. Great design. :slight_smile:

I need this in a sticker!!! Or Wall Art!!!

I could be the spokesman for this shirt. I would start a club, but that would mean there would be people, and thus defeat the purpose.

Bloody awesome shirt! You know, though, if you wore this you would be a magnet for people tryna change your mind.

Congrats! Nice design. :slight_smile:

I love the graphic… would love to spend a week in that cabin. But the words are a little too strong for me. If I had designed the shirt I would have said, “Alone at last.”

Congrats on your first place first print, Discovertic! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

PS. Love the introductory poem! lol :slight_smile:

Great shirt! Congrats on your first print!

Big congrats, great win!

This message really speaks to me today.

Why is woot charging a much higher sales tax than I pay locally? Do you use the highest rate in the state?

I really want to like people but I’m constantly being reminded why most of them can go away.

Very nice! Well deserved - great design.

Thank you so much for all those nice words and for the votes! 8) It’s a great feeling to be one of the derby’s winners!

I strongly identify with this design. My wife always says I’d be happiest in a hermit cabin out in the woods.