I have a computer virus question...

Say I am using BitDefender, and when it runs it tells me I have a trojen (or actually, 3 trojan files) but it can’t get rid of them because they are in an archive, such as a windows restore point archive (at least, I think that’s where it is). I can’t find the directory that it’s in to delete it myself, so how do I get rid of this thing? Or get rid of the friggin archive? I’m not a computer novice, but this is driving me nuts, and I’m almost to the wipe and reinstall point.

Ideas anyone?

The windows registry is a scary place. It can be edited, but if you dont do it exactly right…poof…irreversabe damage can be done to the OS. As Tech support, If you are not familiar with editing the entries, it is best to stay out of there. Let a professional take a look at it, or just reimage. If you decide to try to remove it yourself, be sure to back up all improtant files. :slight_smile: Good Luck!

You might try MalwareBytes. I’ve had good luck with their programs on my brother’s computers.

Also be sure that the backed up files are clean.

There’s a way to make windows display the hidden directories and files. the system files.

There’s also a program that lets you work with the restore points- does anyone know if it will let you delete specific restore points?

sorry I don’t know the way to do this, but one of these experts ought to be able to help you with the specifics.

ms. mom,

i am not familiar with bitdefender, but if it is detecting a virus in a particular file does it at least identify the location of the infected file in a message somewhere? this may be stated both in a pop-up window when bitdefender “does its thing,” and also in a log file.

as dr. josephus said, the archive file may be in a hidden folder, which may be why you can’t see it to delete it in (i am assuming) windows explorer. as he points out, you can modify your settings to view hidden files and folders.

if you post the location and name of the file that bitdefender identifies (or, if you worry about posting this information on a public forum, pm it to a trusted wooter), someone may be able to give you more information about the file (such as whether it is an archive or some other type) and whether it is “safe” to delete.

Daughter’s computer had some nasty stuff on it and I used malwarebytes after symantec, ad-aware and spybot couldn’t get it off. It found a lot of nasty files, several of them were trojans. Daughter downloads lots of stuff.

Put SpywareBlaster on her computer. Keep it up to date. It’s an immunizer only. Doesn’t remove anything. When son was younger, Ad-Aware would regularly find 400+ things. After I put that on, it went down to 20-40.

Thanks DA! I’ll do it!

panda internet security prevents viruses (virii?) as well as adware, malware, and noseeums. been using it forever and well worth the money! one fee takes care of up to three computers!

they also have an online free scan that is very good.

their web site above :slight_smile:

i don’t work for them…me work? that’s what husband is for!

If you use Linux, you won’t have to worry about virus and the like.