I Heart Math

ewww Math!

This is an easy buy, congrats!

Will I get extra credit if I wear this to my vector calc class?

Shirt is hard.

I don’t know if I love math quite this much… I did the computations and it didn’t come out to 42, so I don’t know what to tell ya…

Looks a bit like an xkcd. Math love and all.

Everyone at Texas Instruments should wear this, Math pays their salaries, after all.

0 = the number of equations I understand on this shirt.

I’ll tell you who you DON’T heart, the person trying to decipher this shirt.

I swear this was in a nightmare I had the beginning of freshman year. Math 110 sucks.

Please print Nightlife as an EC, woot. It’s not printing in this derby.

I feel like if I wore this shirt to a math class, I’d get kicked out for cheating.

woo! My 5 year old will be the coolest kid in kindergarten in this shirt.

I was told there would be no math!! Does anyone know what this equals?

The answer is 42.

I less-than-three this shirt.

Was really hoping to see cmdixon’s design print tonight. What a horrible and unparalleled letdown. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

In for one!

I’m buying this so that all of my coworkers in the lab know I’m not just a scientist, I’m an engineer. haha

So if I recognize everything on this shirt, I’m obligated to buy it right?