I Heart Pi(e)




For when you can’t think of anything else to put on a shirt.


Fun fact of the night

Pi: not equal to 3.14


The cherry on top is really the cherry on top!

…of this shirt.

That is, it’s the best part of the shirt.

(I’ll show myself out.)


Like the cherry garnish shout out to the decimal point


Hmmm, is it I <3 Pie, or I pie 3.14?


The slice of Pie really doesn’t look like a heart to me…

To me it kinda just looks like it says “I Pie Pi”…


I have a math instructor friend who always serves pie on “Pi” day. Will definitely be gifting this to her.


Haven’t we done this before?

Pi is getting old. Time to send it off to camp with bacon.

MOA is the new ratio du jour! I <3 <1MOA! :wink:


So yeah, I read “I pie pi” so that’s “I pi squared”?

Still it’s a clever twist on the I heart type t-shirts.


“I Royal Dutch Shell 3.14 with a cherry on top.”


But… but… Pi Day happens EVERY year. See, it’s… oh, never mind.



More Pi stuff in the Pi Day Party Plus sale including this design as an hoodie, apron, and tote.


Hmmm… I think it says, “I slice pi” which usually happens right before I eat pie.


Exactly. It says “I slice pi.” Perhaps I fraction pi?


Mmmm… Pie


White huh? This will be perfect for the nerdy girl wet T-shirt contest.


2 strikes…

  1. White shirt
  2. It’s not March 14


Order in time for delivery & proud wearage by March 14, one would hope…


All I could think of when I saw this shirt is the song my 13 year old keeps listening to:

The Pi Song (3.14159)

Wish I know how to insert it, but linking is about as good as I get.