I Heart Pi(e)


Looka, Pie Pi!


Don’t forget bacon.


I pie pie? WTF? Anyone but creeper high school math teachers buying this thing? Meh…you go piepie somewhere else.


Nope. No white shirts.


I don’t understand people that need to wear ‘clever’ math shirts to make themselves feel smart. Anyone who actually uses this number is like, “Pi t-shirt? IDGAF.” And anyone who actually uses this number uses 4+ digits or pushes the pi button on their calculator or pi function in the program they’re using.



Is this something we’re supposed to wear on τ/2 day?

Tau Day is superior to Pi Day because you get to eat two pies. That is all the mathematical proof you will ever need.

Please print this shirt again in June, but with two pieces of pie, and 6.28 instead of 3.14. Also, maybe in black. It’s hard to get cherry filling stains out of a white shirt.



Just pointing out that my Monkey-Geddon tee was finally delivered like a week AFTER the world was supposed to end (still bitter about that, Woot). Is there another Mayan calendar that predicts an end to the world anytime soon? Otherwise I’m just stuck with a tee shirt with a Mayan monkey and no point.

Don’t put all your pi-day 2013 outfit hopes on this one.


I can only imagine the questions from my wife’s sixth grade math class: “Why do you want 3.14 slices of pie? Can I have the pie? I don’t like cherries. Can I use the bathroom?”


I’d actually feel bad for someone who thought wearing this shirt would make them feel smart. :confused:


When is somebody going to pay attention to tau? Tau = 2π


This is very witty. Nicely done.


3.14!! It’s my (and Einstein’s )birthday!!!
I always have pi instead of cak.


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As a purist, I think I’m going to wait a couple years before really celebrating Pi day. 3/14/15 at 9:26 ie 3.1415926 is going to a blowout day! And maybe even 3/14/16 since you can round to 3.1416


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great print! I love it!


Was I the only one suprised by this. Not exactly screaming with originality.