I just found out about this forum


This whole time I thought the only forums were for the item being sold and derby entries. I’ve been living a lie.


Welcome! Make yourself at home.


Hello, Dash. Feel free to join in any time.


hahaha! be careful, it gets addictive in here! sometimes I don’t even know what the days product is! but welcome! we don’t bite, well except Zilla, but we keep him locked up!


v8r! Hello.


Hello lady poof! how does this lovely evening find you?


Well. Supposed to be getting really cold around here in a couple days, but at least I don’t have to shovel cold.

And how are you?

Oops, are we hijacking Dash’s thread?


Sure looks that way. If you ever miss the shoveling, you are more than welcome in my driveway.


I think so, but he/she hasn’t responded. Too bad, We can always use another lp’er. Glad you don’t have shovel, that is some nasty work! I am doing swell, thank you for asking.


HA! don’t tell me that Orc makes you do that! I know he wouldn’t.


No, although I did some on Sunday so we could get going (had to dig my car out) and ended up hurting myself, so no. . . Orc even did the roof.


Shovel the roof. shudder


As it should be, you got a good man there KtC


I know! He deserves better.


ha! doesn’t sound like it.



edit: i think that sounds wrong, but am not quite sure. What I mean is you seem perfect for each other



Why is everyone still up?




Stupid beer. plus it is my first day off since Jan. something or another, so I am trying to get as much out of it as possible! horray for buttered popcorn!


Ohh my what has Orc been telling you?


In my land it isn’t so late and I ran out of Doctor Who, so there is nothing on until Stargate SG1 gets here.