I know there are some gamers on here...


For some reason, I keep associating Woot with nerds, so forgive me if I am being presumptuous here, but … :slight_smile:

I want to get my bf a game for our Wii for Christmas. Actually, I want to get him the Guitar Hero III bundle but it’s sold out everywhere and I refuse to pay the insanely high prices on eBay.

So my alternative is a FPS shooter. I’m probably going to get the Wii Zapper in addition to a game, but I need game suggestions. Basically, the more violent and action-packed it is, the better. He doesn’t care much for exposition or cut scenes. And absolutely no walking!! By this I mean we just tried out Metroid 3 and I guess we’re both very old school because we hated hated HATED trying to walk/navigate our way through the game and shoot at the same time. I kept walking into walls or getting stuck behind something. Something “on rails” would be much preferred.

So key points:

  1. FPS Shooter
  2. Uber Violent
  3. No to low cut scenes
  4. On rails or easy movement

Thanks for any advice you may have!

(And yes, I’ve checked gaming/review sites, but I wanted to here personal recs from those who have actually played the games.)


you haven’t looked hard enough for Wii Guitar Hero…I see em all over here.


Are you talking online or in stores? I can’t find it online for the retail price of $89.99. It’s all over eBay though at super high prices.

And I’ve checked a few stores here in person (Target, Best Buy, Circuit City, GameStop) and others using online inventory, all sold out. Stock/demand in Los Angeles may be different than where you are.


About the opposite of what I usually look for, plus I don’t have a wii, so I’m afraid I can’t help you.


I have to keep reminding myself it’s HIS Christmas present, not mine. I’m currently on Super Paper Mario, moving to Super Mario Galaxy next. He won’t even try it.


All i can think is Resident Evil - the reviews of the newest one look so-so, but I can’t rate the game personally because it’s not my type of game. I’m more into Wii Sports and Wii Play… Mario Galaxies is supposed to be great too.


Resident Evil 4 has a lot of walking around, but it’s a REALLY good suspense/horror game if your boyfriend is into that. Call of Duty is pretty straightforward, not too much walking but it’s not really my type of game so I haven’t played much through it. I can’t really think of any really violent games for the Wii besides RE4.


Finally found Guitar Hero III for the Wii back in stock. It’s going for 150+ on eBay and 200+ on Amazon, but the official manufacturer’s site has it back in stock today for retail 89.99. I was having 2nd thoughts about whether my bf would actually enjoy it, so I asked him and he said “naw, it’s a novelty. I’ll play it once or twice.”

I’m looking at Resident Evil 4 or Medal of Honor Heroes for the Wii now. Has great reviews on Gamespot.


I know you said shoot em up, but if he is into a little bit of the ultra violence, i would suggest manhunt 2. Personally have not played it, but used to always play manhunt original, they said this one is worse…


!! a month ago he was looking to buy a game for our Wii since all the games we have are more my style, and he got really excited about manhunt 2. Then he read that the Adults Only version for the Wii was pulled and the only version now is the Mature one and he absolutely does not want it anymore. What a weirdo. I told him it’s not that much of a difference after reading an online comparison, but it does say that the Wii blurs the violent scenes in the Mature version. If only the AO version was available somewhere…


decent prices


I worry that although the rating listed says Adults Only, the stock image they’re all showing has the M rating… hmm… thanks! I will check it out though.


It never came out in AO. Some of the content may be available via hacking, but I doubt you can do that with the wii.


You’re right. I was just looking for it and found some articles that the AO version was submitted to the ratings board, but when it got the AO rating, Rockstar changed it before its release to the M rating. Drats.

Methinks I’ll just get some virtual console Wii points for him.


After some research, I’m getting him:

The Wii Zapper

  • It seems to be sold out online, but I was able to grab the last one in stock from my local Sears for only $19.99, and strangely, no tax because I used online in-store pickup.

Ghost Squad

  • An on-rails, tongue-in-cheek arcade style FPS that just came out. $49.99 retail, but it was $29.99 at Buy.com with free shipping and then I saved an extra $10 with Google Checkout.

Man, I love holiday deals. Now if only Woot would put something up so I can get a gift for myself. :smiley: