I know you said the missing shirts issue was resolved, but...

@LadyStark noted in December that there was now a fix in place for this missing shirt issue, and that no more notifications were needed to bring missing shirts back into the fold, but after 4 months, it feels like this fix might not be fixing the issue? I hate to be a nuisance and annoy everyone, but would it be possible to request a test to see whether the interim fix is working?

  1. Bookmarks Are For Quitters - Missing From My Catalog & Search for 4+ Months
  2. The World As I See It Remix - Missing From My Catalog & Search for 4+ Months
  3. Today We Salute The Humble Pig - Missing From My Catalog & Search for Only a Couple Weeks

A sincere thank you,


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We do have an interim solve for this, but it is a semi-manual process. The idea is we run it at regular intervals, but that may be quarterly or less. This is to balance time spent on break/fix versus developing a long term fix.

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Is Big Shirt keeping things hidden?