I’ll Be Back


The Boomeranger?

Austrian is not the same as Australian. Just to clarify things for people out there.

I’d wager that boomerang has some illegitimate splinters somewhere.

Pretty sure that was done on purpose…

Yeah, he be back alright. sniggers

Problem is he never came back…

I’d be afraid to throw it if it’s going to come back at me like a car through a wall.

AA or Anvil Blank?

It’s Zelda meets Terminator. I don’t think I’v ever seen a more dangerous looking boomerang. Nice concept.

AA, always check the size chart for USA or Honduras origins.

Much thanks, mate.

Sees shirt /facepalm

Ah, I love these brilliant metaphors within the designs. You see, the Boomerang represents the Terminator movies, and while it is fun the first time it comes back, the fun quickly diminishes each following time the film–or in this case boomerang–comes back.

Deep man, really deep.

**IMPORTANT: ** As the transition to the new shirts continues, you should always check the size charts prior to ordering your shirts. In addition, be sure to recheck the chart if you order again at a later date (i.e. from the Reckoning).

Thank you!


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As a Californian, we had to deal with Arnold as a Governor. Sadly, he was back for a second term.

What do you call a boomerang that doesn’t come back?

(wait for it)

A stick!

I wonder if Arnold would wear this?