I Love Books



Fun fact: this shirt doubles as a pair of glasses! Just cut out the eye-pieces and hike the shirt up so that it is around your face!


I don’t think it’s a good idea to wear a shirt that advertises your personal loves. Your sex life should be private.


Congrats, Jorge! Wooters be lovin’ books.


Time enough at last…


Reminds me of this:


Printed on a subtle bookworm gray just to reinforce your proud bookworminess for those who doubt your passion.


For those of us who love books, it is very private indeed.


I especially liked how the write-up on the first page said “continue reading” - most appropriate.


Straightforward it is. With approachably quirky letters.


At first glance, I thought that it said, I♥BOOBS." As such, I thought that it was clever letter placement on the shirt…
Actually, I thought that it said “BOOBS” on second, third and fourth glance too. I wonder what that says about me…?


I’ve never wished something was a tote bag more in my whole life.


Simply said: Story of my life.


You love Boobs?


Note that it says I Love Books, not e-download-kindle-crude. Real, hold’em in your hand, pulped paper and glue bound BOOKS! That’s how I like’em! Tangible and able to fill up a book shelf. Does that make me more of a nerd?

I can only hope so.


Hmmm…not sure if my Woot detection tools have taken the night off, or what. Doesn’t the shirt description ( boring part, not the write up) usually include both the Pantone ink colors and the color of the shirt itself? I thought this was a silver T, not the gray mentioned in another post here. But when I went to check by reading the description, I couldn’t or didn’t find the shirt color mentioned. So: is this baby gray or silver?


It’s on the shirt details page (with the write-up) right under the price. It’s Silver.


Why does it have to have nerdy glasses? All people who love to read aren’t automatically social rejects.


i love books, i don’t wear glasses. not the shirt for me.


Browsing via mobile right now and I don’t see the “Wear this shirt when… Don’t wear this shirt when…” Etc. Where did that part of the write up go?