I Love Science



The shirt is a liar.



But if I wear this in Texas…I may get shot at.


I’m not really a science buff, do you have anything design wise for a person who has a B.A. in English Lit. with a minor in Linguistics?


I too have a BA in English Lit. and a minor in Linguistics, but I also happen to love me some science, so in for one.


Well, if I wear that shirt here in Kansas then I’ll get to enjoy a good ol’ fashioned stoning.




A shirt trying to promote science that shows aether as an element makes me a sad Galapagos tortoise.


Congrats on the print buddy!!! Now I just have to break out my chart and see what this all really means :slight_smile:


Aether? More like: I θ Alchemy


If it’s good enough for The Grey Lensmen, it’s good enough for me.

(Lest my reference seems vague, classic space opera is filled with references to aether, it being the substance through which light was thought to propagate throughout the universe).


Well… with a B.A. in biology, I couldn’t resist this shirt.

Chemistry rocks!!!


Yar science! I love spelling stuff with the periodic table. Although it makes me sad that there is still no “j” on the periodic table so I can’t spell my name which happens to start with a “j”. sadness

I’ll just have to console my nerdy self with this awesomesauce shirt.

edit I love the psuedo-science E aether bit. I’m in a PhD program in engineering but I appreciate the silly too. Lighten up y’all.

edit again ooh, my first quality post. Yay! Thanks woot peoples.


I want to love this shirt but the æther element gets to me even though I know it’s hard to spell science with just the elements. An electron might have been better. Also the fact that the element names aren’t capitalized just bugs me.


Reminds me of the banner for this web comic:



And no… I don’t care that ether is really a compound!


“Ether” and “Aether” are completely different things. Err, concepts, since aether was disproved to exist in the early 20th century. Prior to its expulsion from the scientific canon, it was as important a concept in cosmology and physics as gravitation.


E couldn’t have been “electron”?


There’s always the Nevermore shirt.

It’s over now, but the Poe vs Shakespeare cagematch had some great shirts. And the long since reckoned A Novel Idea is one of my favorite shirts ever.


This shirt style takes two “has been done before” styles (spelling with the P. table and also the “I [atom] science” and makes it look better than any of the ones I have seen out there.

Good job.