I Love Scifi

I love Scifi and this shirt!

This shirt is fantastic. Could say I love it!

So what show does the last ship rep?


Why is the premium 4.2 oz and the standard 4.5 oz?

Congrats on the win! :slight_smile:

So much hype ®…

That negative space tardis making the L is a magic trick the Doctor would be proud of. Congrats TR!

Congrats thatrobert! I know I expressed concerns about this one in derby, but I’m glad that more people get to see this excellent idea this way. Great job!

Congrats on the win, @ThatRobert

If it would have been Galactica, I would have bought. I get it, Firefly has BECOME popular with only 1 season and then canned. BSG lived out two entire series.

It’s a risk having a shirt that claims to love both Star Trek and Star Wars. I can’t honestly claim to love both without feeling like a poseur.

I’d get one too!

I don’t get this at all. It isn’t like rooting for both Duke and North Carolina, it’s like saying you can’t love both Basketball and Football.

Lets be honest, when it comes to iconic scifi, firefly need not apply. As evidenced by some one asking for clarification on the ship.

Firefly was a good show and had a good movie. Cancel before its time, but its not an icon of scifi.

These weights are actually measurements per square yard. So the premium shirt at 4.2oz/square yd means that it’s a lighter weight shirt (see thinner (but not lower quality)). Both of the shirts offer a light comfortable feel but fit differently (check out the size chart). Not the be left out, the standard shirts are a bit thicker. If you really want to get wild about learning about t-shirt weights, the ole goog can give you a pointer or two.

Get out. Just go. The lot of ya.


Grats man- This is such a clean, perfect design, and yeah, that L is flawless. I hope you sell boats. :slight_smile: