I Love Scifi

I concur.

Could be debated, potentially hotly:

Star Wars = Geek/Hipster/casual friendly, while also having nerd appeal.

Star Trek = Nerds only.

I love (real, non-reboot) Star Trek and only just like Star Wars.

Frankly, I don’t think Firefly deserves a place at the table with either.

Dr. Who is different and depends on whether the viewer:

  1. Is British.

  2. Watched before 2005 or only after.

Don’t get me started on The Orville. Blech.

For those of us that would not recognize a battlestar image, I could use the same logic to disqualify BSG.

Babylon 5 however…
/kicks anthill and runs away :slight_smile:

I strongly disagree. It could be different if the show ran its course and had a chance to diminish over time (ie. pull a Heroes), but the public support is really what made Serenity happen. Just because it was short, doesn’t mean it wasn’t shiny.

“Call of Cthulhu” was just a short story, but the character has reached an iconic status through revisiting the character, and living on in nerdy board games and tee-shirts.

Sorry to rant – It’s a boring day and I really like scifi :wink:

Wear this and Trekkers, Whovians, and wanna-be Jedi’s can finally come together and cook s’mores over the plasma fire…

until the reavers show up. Those guys really know how to harsh your (marsh)mellow

Based on the supporting arguments presented here, a case could be made for replacing the Serenity with the Red Dwarf.

Thanks for the print Woot!

I chose Firefly because over BSG or anything else because I LIKE Firefly better.

I would also argue that Firefly has endured more with fans than BSG did. Maybe just because it’s time was short.

Or a sandworm? Still a ‘vehicle’ of sorts. Certainly iconic.

Could come across a little phallic in the design, though…

Wait. What? Didn’t know I had to be British to love Doctor Who. Guess I need to move.

As for Firefly - I also had no clue as to what it is/was. Frankly, I think anything LOTR would have been better. Not sci-fi, but still nerdy.

How about the Andromeda Ascendant, or the Jupiter 2? There was quite a fan following for both.

…or the Blake’s 7 Liberator or the Eagle Transporter from Space 1999?

Brilliant mashup!

You don’t. It’s just much more of a cultural thing over there.

Just look at the best selling sci-fi shirts on Woot and you can see the Serenity earned that final spot.

For me, I would have preferred BSG take the place of Star Wars. I love the three others, and BSG is one of my favorites, but I’m not a Star Wars fan. :-/

Are there any other colors the shirt comes in? Teechip.com sells this shirt in different colors. Which I think they stole the design.

Hmmmm. Gotta link for that? We have a legal team that would like to talk to them.


Thank you very much! They will soon be hearing from our lawyers. :frowning:

Just curious… How did this turn out? The shirt is still on sale at the URL above. (“For a limited time only! 7 hours 12 minutes 16 seconds” and counting!)

Also, too… their page specifically for copyright infringement claims is kinda legaleze lingo LOLly. https://tshirtlotus.com/_/dmca