I’m Gonna Let It Shine

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Under a bushel last night? Get it tomorrow here!

I just want to know if anyone else’s shirts come printed off center. I got one today that is about 2 inches to my right. A few others are off center, but not too bad. Anyone else notice this?

if only the design was bigger

ugh, i forgot it was still derby t-shirts. this one is kind of bad. how it turns on on an actual shirt could make or break it i guess.

edit: it seems like some plugin i have is submitting everything twice… i wish i knew what it was.

This is an amazing piece, Soothed! I love it… may this sell as long as some of the others that have been around a long time. This is certainly lovely.

I am hearing Neil Diamond’s “Turn on your Heart Light” song right now…

Totally Creative and totally awesome, can’t see myself wearing it, but boy, that is a cool one, the best I have seen.

It should be framed.

Could be good… idea’s good but too boxy for me IMO

Congrats, soothedbyrainfall! It’s a beautiful design. I may wait on this until I see how it prints or…I may just give in a bit earlier than that. :wink:

Congrats soothed!

Can’t wait to see what it looks like on a shirt! Amazing artistic creation- looks real!

so disappointed it wasn’t the other one, but congrats on 3rd anyway

Congrats bro!

Just let your Soul Glo…
Ahh I still love Coming to America.

Grats Soothed! You had several quality entries this derby and I am glad that one of them got printed. Go YOU!

A new color for my name… :slight_smile:

And a great shirt to look forward to. Thanks, Soothed!

just lovely. congrats on the design!
sadly, I am broke. more for the rest of you. :slight_smile:

arg! but I have way too many black shirts as it is!


I really hope someone with a good camera Next-Day’s this… I think A LOT of sales will be hinging on a good photo.

would have loved it larger and not framed in the shadow box…oh well…should slow my shirt buying pace anyway.

Congrats, soothedbyrainfall, great effects, really well drawn.