I’m Just Doing My Job

That cat sucks.

I love roomba kitty!

Totally in for 3! I’m a cat person and my wife is a dog person and I love technology so the Roomba is great! I wish I had a Roomba too, but C’est la vie. Good job ramyb!

I, for one, welcome our new alien cat overlords.

the dog is busy freaking out in the bedroom and howling at the Kirby

You’d howl at it too if you ever had to lift one of those things. They are heavy!

Ah, the Roomba…anyone who’s been through a woot-off can appreciate this one.

Wooooo! Yay! I was waiting for Sir Kitten “Tiny Feet” Lazymuffin to appear on it’s trusty robot servant. Buys one or two.

My collection of red shirts grows.

Does anybody actually own a Roomba?

I had no idea that was a Roomba. Nor did I know dogs hated Roombas… lol…

This was actually made into a gif some time ago.

Notice the ghost-like way the cat moves through the house while riding the Roomba. I knew there had to be a ghost connection somewhere!

I love EVERYTHING about this shirt… except the red. :frowning:

(And we have a roomba. Dogs don’t like it, cats are meh.)

My ferret used to ride our Roomba. He is such a cool guy.

If only Roomba could be trained so well.

As this long exposure photograph shows, the path is much more geometric than just chasing dogs.

I think I’ve discovered the secret to what makes Ramyb’s animals so gosh-darned adorable: short limbs.

Here’s to you, Ramyb!

Although I don’t usually vote or buy ramyb’s designs, I like this one because it’s a nice little break from asphalt ghosts.

It was also fun to see the Roomba advertisement right next to the print when I first saw it. :slight_smile:

Youtube video of said gif animation

Edit: Upon closer viewing, this is apparently an Easter special version of the cat attacking the dog from the roomba. Apparently, there are multiple videos spanning many months of this cat assaulting the dog, and the dog still hasn’t figured it out.

That way you can buy the shirt, then buy the Roomba. It’s a conspiracy really

Roomba is expanding from woot.com to shirt.woot.com!!! It’s a hostile takeover!!!