I’m Just Sayin’

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That’s a neat texture on the speaker.

Cool shirt. For some reason reminds me of 1984.

This shirt is why I won’t buy randoms anymore. Why are we getting some of the most uninspired designs by decent artists?

Perhaps because it is a radio.


Yeah, it made me think of it as well, because the people watched as well as were watched through the telescreen

That’s cause it’s a radio :slight_smile:

Oh noes, my TV is watching me and my radio is talking to me!


reminded me of that right away =)

In a derby this would probably be rejected as an “In soviet Russia…” theme.

Is it a TV or a Radio? Is the radio ratting out on the TV? Or is this a TV ratting out on another TV? I’m confused…

That looks like an unprintable texture.


not my color.
like the idea.

:frowning: Where have all the good designs gone?

More like the with the child who can make farting noises with his armpit and does it hourly,

Wow… this does look like one of those gradients that won’t print very well. Can Woot show us a sample shirt here?

Hmmmm, there have been other shirts that have made me whip out my wallet… this one… hmmmm.

Yet another shirt with corny text involved. Pass…again…