I’m No Liar

That’s one sharp kid.

2 sharpeners, 1 wk

and his nose looks kinda weird

There was a great lesson to be learned, but I think Pinocchio missed the point.

You may think it’s pencil savings… but it’s not! Get it? Huh?

Ask yourselves this.

What would happen if Pinocchio says “My nose is going to grow right now.”?

Something about self mutilation just doesn’t seem wearable to me.

A lie keeps growing and growing until it’s as plain as the nose on your face.

Yay sonmi :smiley:

I see a lot of stabbings in Pinocchios future.

That is some painful cosmetic surgery.

Don’t the shavings go into the sharpener…? Or maybe nose shavings aren’t compatible with other models.

Wouldn’t that hurt just a little bit? Well… I suppose not for the doll, but if he ever becomes a real boy, he’d better come up with a different plan.

I feel sorry for his first girlfriend. He’s going to poke an eye out!

I am first to woot this, wowee.

I will wear it to the lands of Disney, proudly.

God help Geppetto if that kid ever wants a hug.


Here’s the thing: Does the little guy inside the sharpener know that he is aiding and abetting a liar?
And does Pinocchio know that he is getting a shave from a guy with a chainsaw?
Just thinking…

Clearly, he’s friends with a certain lumberjack…

That’s one huge sharpener!