I’m No Liar

I want the “Wooden Boy’s Nightmare”!!!

I wonder what the sharpener will think when she realizes that Pinocchio left her in the middle of the night.

kinda creepy, this shirt may cause weird dreams.

I believe him. If he’d lied, how could he have turned the crank?

I wonder if he does the same thing if he gets an unexpected “woodie”…

Nicely done but…nope, not going there. Sharp. That’s where I’ll go. No wood or boy or not for me comments. Nope. Whistling the lumberjack song + edging away.

What would happen if he said, “My nose will now grow?”

A Madison, WI artist on shirt.woot?! AWESOME!

We should host a meet-up. Live in Madison myself and think it would be awesome to have a few of the Madison artists and purchasers get together for coffee or something. Way cool.

Cool shirt, not my style.

You know, if you put the two sharpener shirts together, you’d get a pretty funny image. A lumberjack with a chainsaw sharpening Pinocchio’s nose. I think somebody needs to make THAT a shirt haha

Pinocchio would never get a nose job! This photo’s clearly been shopped.

There are often some excess shavings still attached to the pencil that have to be peeled off, in my experience anyways.

It’s okay, he’s not a real boy (yet).

Watch Out…I Hope He Doesnt Lie…Cuz He Might Kill Some One With Now … His Sharp Pointed Noes!!! aaaah!

so how does lumberjack work in this kind of sharpener?

Either he is really small or that is one really big pencil sharpener. I don’t remember him only being 2 or 3 times the size of a pencil sharpener.

but Daaaaad! All the other kids are sharpening their noses

Just wanted to get something off my chest:

I buy shirts from shirt.woot next to never, despite the fair prices, quality construction, and clever graphics. The problem is that 99% of them are generally just clever cartoons, and too much of a novelty to make me want to repeatedly plaster my body with them. They’re the kinds of things I’d get in email forwards from my family. Cute for a moment, but the moment passes quickly.

I own three woot shirts: two came in a Bandolier of Carrots, and were both the “Yay, it’s broccoli!” design. I actually like that one, because it’s not a one-off joke that you get after a second, say “cute”, and then want to turn the page. It’s more cryptic and open to interpretation, so it endures.

I understand that it’s not necessarily up to the staff which designs are offered, though I’m not really that familiar with the whole process. It seems to me that the community votes based on how clever the cartoon is, in terms of viewing it on-screen, rather than on what they can realistically see wearing on their bodies.

That’s my take anyway. Felt like getting that out. Thanks for listening, or not.

It would grow then. through the Pinocchio process, he was lying, which made it grow. even though it grew, and he was telling the truth, it was still a lie originally.

i’m pretty sure that disney never covered lies that became truths, but my guess would be that it would still be considered a lie at the time, and would stay grown.

in some fan fiction version of Pinocchio, where telling lies that becomes truth result in the nose shrinking back, this would lead to the following scenario.

because there is no time change between the lie and the lie becoming the truth, the nose would stay shrunk. but this would make him a liar again, which would make it grow, but would make him no longer a liar, which would shrink it again. because of the absence of a time change, the nose would be growing and shrinking ata rapid speed, in a continuous loop, for infinity. only growing in microscopic increments though, because once it grows even a beard second, he becomes a liar once again, and it would regress to a normal state.

And because i called this fan fiction, Gipetto would would have to have a secret relationship with Jimminy Cricket for this to work.

SIDE NOTE: I can’t believe i brought up fan fiction when commenting on a woot shirt twice in one week…or at all.

Only the shirts sold on friday, saturday, and sunday are the winners of derbies (aka community hand picked shirts) everything else is picked by the shirt.woot team, and designed by artists that they hire.

from what i’ve read, at least.

Tee-hee, my sexual innuendo comment became a quality post. I’m so sly.