I’m No Liar

Man, it would stink if he ever had to rely on one of those tiny portable sharpeners…those things take forever.

Why do people (and puppets) think that whistling makes you look nonchalant? I argue that Pinocchio looks way more suspicious now than if he just walked away. By the way, why is he trying to act nonchalant? He just sharpened his nose because he was lying. Is Chipetto going to care? No. This shirt is full of lies.

What? You think I didn’t see it for what it was? Really? Really?

I wonder how the lumberjack inside the sharpener feels about this situation.

Haha really clever concept

Also, if there was a lumberjack inside the sharpener, he would probably be the first person ever to be qualified to make that sick “I’ve got your nose” joke…

Did anyone know Eddie Carrol (second voice artist of Jiminy Cricket) passed away yesterday? Kind of random that this is printed the day after.

Two pencil sharpining related shirts in a week? Crazy.

Aww I think it’s cute. Too bad I’m on a woot diet. I love the color too :slight_smile:

My babies be inside you.

I’ve heard of Madison! Grats Sonmi.

The poor ax man in that sharpener must be scared for life after that.

This pencil sharpener is mechanical so the lumberjack inside wouldn’t have a chainsaw he’d have an ax or own of those long two-handled saws.

Next up: Pinocchio Vampire Slayer!

“The world is flat!”

::stake-nose impales the undead::

I’d lie too if I was caught wearing an outfit like that.

No no, keep it up, it’s great. :smiley:

slashers unite!

Or do something horribly, horribly worse…

Maybe tomorrow we’ll have a design with Super Mario… jumping on chibi rabbits… dressed up as Star Wars characters… with a pencil sharpener.
Come to think of it, I’d probably buy that.

If he looked like one of our most recent three presidents I’d buy. That would be hilarious.

looks like he has been lying to me…his nose just gives it away!!! LoL!!!

Nice shirt!!!