I’m not contagious, I swear

Foolish squirrel. He doesn’t want your acorn, he wants your internal organs.

The rabid squirrel seems to be farting…

so does the one running.

ramyb’s shirts are contagious!

Congrats on another sale!

Strong words in the writeup tonight. Ramyb always brings out the feistyness in the writers.

Squirrel behind the tree: hiding in fear, or watching his evil creation at work?

Was he poisoned by an undead acorn?

If there’s one thing America loves right now, it’s zombies and Ramyb T-shirts.

if you change the tail and part of the head on the contagious one, he’ll look like a rabid Pikachu ._. that body shape is so distinct

He scared that one so much, he broke his arms. I mean, how else would they be in that very unnatural position (even for cartoon woodland animals)?

The only reason to accept a ramyb win is because of the awesome shirt write-ups. Whatever Woot! is paying him is not enough.

not to mention, the contagious one is obviously really bad at rinsing all the toothpaste out of his mouth in the morning…

You have to admit that the halftone work on this one is pretty great. The implied depth of the trees is particularly well done.

If you’re not contagious, why are there so many creatures on this site that look just like you? Me thinks the “empty-eyed cuteness” virus is very contagious indeed.

“Van Gogh was hated in his lifetime as well, and today no one remembers the names of his critics. So think that over.”

Does that mean Ramyb has only one ear?


By him, do you mean the writer?

I don’t think throwing an acorn works against zombies. You have to shoot them in the head.

Rabid squirrels ‘extraordinarily rare,’ lab expert says

What we need to accept is that the Zombie Squirrel is not the real threat here.

Have you noticed the acorn lacks a shadow?

That can only mean one thing: VAMPIRE ACORN.

Where we foolishly assume the acorn has no secrets, but is in fact an actual acorn being thrown by a hasty and frightened squirrel, we must instead consider the likelihood that it is charging at the Zombie Squirrel of its own volition. Indeed, this shirt clearly depicts the seconds before the most epic woodland zombie/vampire fight in all of time and space.