i MAY watch too much tv


Here are the shows I plan to at least try this fall (premieres start next week!) This does not include sports! hopefully some of the new shows will suck and i’ll get some more free time. :wink:

Once Upon a Time* (i gotta at least check it out, I think it’ll be either a love it or hate it show)
Pan Am* (Christina Ricci on tv? yep!)

2 Broke Girls* (I like Kat Dennings in movies, so I’ll try her tv show)
Terra Nova* (um, it’s Spielberg and dinosaurs, EVERY WEEK, no way i’d miss this)
Hart of Dixie* (loved Rachel Bilson on the OC, so gonna try this one, plus it’s got scott porter from FNL)
Castle (have only seen season 1, need to see the other 2 before I start season 4)

New Girl* (looks like it’ll be the funniest show on tv)
Ringer* (gotta watch the new buffy, don’t like the premise, really, but everyone is raving about it)

Up All Night* (Will Arnet, Christina Applegate and Maya Rudolph it HAS to be good)
Revenge* (don’t think I’ll like it, but people who have seen the pilot seem to like it, so I’ll try it out)

Community (my fave commedy!)
Person of Interest* (JJ Abrams)

Bones/possible The Finder* (backdoor pilot was TERRIBLE)
The Mentalist (I love Simon Baker! - if they go back though, on what happened in season finale, i might give this one up)
Prime Suspect* (maria bello-doesn’t sound unique at all, just another cop show, but i’ll check it out)

Chuck (gotta finish end of season 3 and all season 4 first)
Grimm* (might be good)
Fringe ( BEST SHOW ON TV!!!)

*new shows

Yep. You do watch too much tv.
Wasting valuable internet time.
Unless you have a laptop and can do both.

You need to wait until Thunderthighs gets back from vacation. She’s our big TV watcher.

I have the computer in the same room as the tv, so yes, I can multitask!

I’m swearing off T.V. unless I’m at a family function, or I guess other social scenarios where T.V. watching is unavoidable. No more tele for me.

You find with only the odd brain-dead want for mind numbing entertainment, you don’t miss TV. I’m in that mood tonight, but it can be months between it coming on, sometimes even years if there is enough else.

Yeah. We’ll see how it goes. I refuse to pay for T.V., I don’t get decent reception at my new place, and I’m tired of paying for netflix. So, I’m hoping I can replace the time T.V. took up (not really that much though) with some leisurely book reading again.

I feel like I should say LP right now.

How is watching TV worse than hours on end on the computer or cell phone?
At least TV was only at home. The computer goes with you now. 24/7

my little pony: friendship is magic, 9/17

Leisurely books are a good time user. I so missed them when I was in college it’s been so good to be reading again.

I totally don’t blame you for not wanting to waste the money. No real local reception here (just the PBS station - which is great, but limited, especially now) and everything else we’d have to pay for too, for only an hour or two a week it’s just not worth the cash. Easy enough to rent at a later date, if we can remember that long.

I can say LP to you if it makes you feel more stable :wink:

Depends on how you use it, but the computer can offer social interaction and require brain power, or not.

Game of Thrones
Big Bang Theory
That’s all (actually more) than I have time for.
Except for Fringe, which I watch soon after it airs, I torrent whole seasons and watch at my leisure (currently only halfway through BBT season 3). Fringe I have set up as an RSS auto-torrent as soon as it posts.

Fringe is the best show on tv, i’m so glad FOX brought it back for a 5th season.

When cbs moved Big Bang to thursdays, it went up against my normal thursday shows, community and bones. I chose the ones I always watch. and stupid cbs refuses to put big bang online or onDemand, so I stopped watching. I’ll eventually get the dvds when they go on sale.

Fringe sucked in season 1, they fixed a lot of things in season 2+. I thought we were only on season 4 now/next.

it is season 4. sorry! typo!

Every time I watch Big Brother I ask myself why and yet I keep tuning in. I must like something about it, but I don’t know what that something is. lol

Things I watch on Hulu or rent from the video store when the mood strikes.

Eureka - summer season show
Warehouse 13 - summer season show

Been told I should try:
Game of Thrones

So no TV doesn’t mean I’m completely clueless, I just have so much more to do with my time and they are known here as Orc, Ver1, Ver2, and Ver3 :slight_smile:

I watch all the shows you mention except the HBO ones.

I also will watch Psych on USA. It starts in october. I’m not sure when the other cable shows come back.

I didn’t like the first few episodes of alphas, but it got a lot better around episode 4. episode 6 is probably my favorite so far.

and as i said earlier, i love fringe. the first season wasn’t great, it was more monster of the week, but towards the end and through the rest of the series, it’s more serialized. There’s still a case of the week but it usually has something do with the overall story. I’m really excited to see where they’re going with it.

I’ll also probably check out a couple of midseason shows. alcatraz, awake, the firm, smash, the river

Good to know about Fringe and Alphas if I ever get around to watching them. I saw Fringe on DVD at the store yesterday and thought about all the early dark coming up in a few months, but I’ve already spent my entertainment money this month and next (next month we’re taking the family to GeekGirlCon!)

Even buying series on DVD is cheaper than paying for TV service and we don’t have air wave networks here.

The new show Up All Night on NBC starts tonight. I figure with Will Arnet, Maya Rudolph, Christina Applegate and Lorne Michaels as one of the producers, its going to be good. I’ve read the pilot is a little clunky since they’ve completely changed Maya’s character since the pilot was filmed to make her role bigger. But I’m looking forward to it.